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SEO for Beginners and Small Business Owners

SEO or Search engine optimisation is one of the most cost effective ways to market your business online. Everyday, your customers are searching online for products and services that you offer, and if you’re not on the first page of search results then you’re guaranteed to be losing money.

Here at The Online Masterclass we teach small business owners how to get their website in-front of their ideal customers.[/text_block]

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Customer Reviews

“Martin and his SEO Pro School course literally opened a new world to me: he explains step by step in a simple and non geeky way how to identify the relevant keywords for your business, how to leverage them and how to see actual results.”

Isabella Brusati, http://www.nongeektechie.com/

“I thought I knew more about SEO and how to use keywords than I did…Until now…One of the best things about this course is how thorough it is and how Martin breaks it all down for you. I learned a lot by going through the many videos which he has on the various topics on SEO.”

Tom Elliott, http://set-rite.com/

“I have been involved with the internet for over 20 years now and can say this course is worth every penny AND you have the Mastermind group that comes with it. (That’s a great additional bonus).”

David Dell, http://www.podcastingcoach.com/

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