SEO or Search Engine Optimisation

Put engine optimisation is one of the most cost effective ways to market your business online.

Small business owners who understand and embrace SEO often see immediate and long lasting results. Over the years SEO has changed significantly and there is now a huge opportunity for genuine business owners like you and me to achieve massive results online.

What is SEO?

Have you ever wondered why some websites appear higher than others in search engine results? The reason for this is because some websites are more "search engine friendly" and SEO is the process that we use to make websites more appealing to search engines.

Why is SEO important?

Google is the #1 most visited website in the world and it's usually the first place most of us go to when they are looking to buy or research products and services online. Ever heard or used the phrase "Just Google it!" Google has become part of our daily life, we don't just use Google as a search tool, we also use it for:

  • Video streaming (YouTube)
  • Emails (Gmail)
  • Social Media (Google Plus)
  • Online meetings (Google Hangouts)
  • Directions (Google Maps)
  • and many more

The fact is, Google is everywhere and as long as you understand this and remember to optimise your site well enough, Google will send you FREE traffic every single day.

The reason that Google is so successful is because it provides an answer to a question, it provides information and entertainment. How it provides this is by analysing every website, judging the merits of the site for numerous aspects and functions. So, if you give Google what it wants, there's no doubt you'll be successful.

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